Dan Chisholm's 
Blown 38 Chevy Coupe.

Glenn "BRO" Brobeck's three 65 442's affectionately known as Beauty,Beast and Barney.... 
Got a 59 Morgan Plus 4 too.....
Bobby "Super Shifter" Williams' Fat Fendered  632 cu in 41 Ford 
Eli "There He Goes" Polovina
Show us the back end of his 1963 Loggie Rail
WHY is it no one has ever seen his face? Maybe it's for the best.
A Monza out of
Joe "Donutz" Junak's
stable of drag machines......
You have ENOUGH cars, Joe!
Don "Slim" Cekoric's SLEEPER 67 OLD's
Jerry "thats my bench" Edward's Clean 55 Chevy
My Wife Nancy and her 430 powered 1960 T Bird
Sammy " 4 wheels?" Cooper  shows us how it's done in his Camaro
Vince "the saugage" Luca's good lookin' 66 Goat
Bob & Marsha Stewarts 1 owner  66 GTO. This goat has been babied & bottle fed since day 1.
Tony Molinaro's  sweet  1969 Olds 442 / W-25 Hood
Count Maravich's 62  Chevy "Back in the days" They covered his face with numbers on purpose
Lou Henry's 72 Nova SS w/ mystery engine The engines change daily

Larry Johnson's good lookin'  69 Plymouth GTX
It's one of only 178 built.
The President Bobby Williams holding one of the  dash plaques / trophy's from the first cruz held  May 25, 1996.     Since then it's grown into a  full street racing      "POWER CRUZ"  with 1/8 mile drags
Rich Gnarra's 68 GTO, this baby loves to do burnouts
Frank 'Ski" Wilczynski's
Turbocharged V6 Buick
That's right we even allow 6 cylinders too
Rick Bucci's pair of SS's a  71 Chevelle & 69 Nova
Gabe "Gabby" Martire's
1973  340 Dodge Challenger
ho hum, well it's black

Rob Cronin's 73 Duster
"on the road again"
Rocco Siamacco's 1968 440 Cuda We're not sure if this is his, or just a picture of this very Blue Berry Cuda he took at the Convention Center
Put your hat back on!
Bob Weiher's Chopped, Shaved & Tubbed 1972 Chevy 1/2 ton. You name it, this baby's got it.
Larry Reger's 1969
Plymouth Road Runner
Yo dude,
like "beep beep"
Andy Hill's   1995  
Mustang GTS
Heatin' em up
Jim Eldridge's  eeerr ahhhh
"just another mopar"
Glenn "Scooter" Brobeck's
1936 Ford V8
Walt "Butch" Postava's
Diamont T Altered