Lil' BRO & Big BRO
These are my 1965 442's. The black one is a 100% restored original (except for headers and wheels). The white one is a mild bracket car .   I turned a 10.984 with no adjustments at Keystone with the purple one. The Post Car is new. The Blue one is my version of a street rod. 
Click on the cars to see more pics of each
Nancy & I bought this in 72, a 1959 Morgan +4 4 seater
This is the one that started it all. My first 442.  
A 65, naturally, 400,  4 speed,  red line tires.  I smoked off about three sets the first month.

Lost in the 60's
After years of thinking about this, I finally built it........ 
The Wife's Ride
Well, I finished my latest ART project
My Son's Ride
My son Glenn is  into his trucks. He also has his Great Grandfather's one owner 53 GMC, a future project.
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My daughter Natalie's 07 MATRIX M Theory
Woodward Dream Cruise 2008

Natalie's 21 Subaru Crosstrek Limited