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Well, what started life as my little plain white 12:40 bracket racer, looks like it may be headed towards the street. I took it to D&S Rod & Custom in Aliquippa, Pa for a quick paint job........well being the perfectionist (anal at times) that Sammy is, that idea went out the window. The body was a major under taking, but it turned out flawless. I was looking for a different shade of blue, when I spotted the perfect color shooting buy on a little 2000 Honda, Electron Blue Pearl.  It changes color under every different lighting condition and I couldn't be happier with my choice.  Then the paint laid down so nice, it just seemed like a shame to only show it off on the strip so I guess  my original plan is out the window and it's headed for the streets this summer.  I've been digging thru my tons of spare parts looking for chrome parts, bumpers and any other item that were omitted for racing (weight). 
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